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Niagara Falls, NY 14302
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About the NFURA: The Niagara Falls Urban Renewal Agency was established in 1964 by General Municipal Law §593. Its original and continued mission is to revitalize, redevelop and eliminate slums and blighted areas of the established Urban Renewal District. The Agency was formed for the purposes specified in General Municipal Law Article 15 and 15-A, and has the powers and duties conferred by those Articles. NFURA is governed by a 10 member board, whose members include the Mayor and Council Members of the City of Niagara Falls and 4 private sector members selected by the Mayor and approved by City Council. The NFURA partners with the City of Niagara to organize, implement and facilitate the promotion, design and economic growth of the renewal district. The NFURA will continue to carry out the renewal plan to improve the overall aesthetics and quality of life issues in the Urban Renewal District area.



2018 Board of Directors

Chairman- Mayor Paul A. Dyster (since 01/01/08)
Chief Financial Officer- Councilmember Andrew Touma (since 01/01/14)
Alternate Financial Officer- Councilmember Kenny Tompkins (01/01/16)
Secretary- Ms. Doreen O’Connor (03/1996)
Alt. Secretary- Mr. Douglas Mooradian (03/06/17)
Councilmember William Kennedy (since 01/01/18)
Councilmember Ezra P. Scott, Jr (01/01/16)
Councilmember Christopher Voccio (since 01/01/18)
Mr. Michael Hooper (03/2005)
Mr. Christopher Robbins (05/28/13)


Executive Director:
Anthony J. Vilardo
Legal Counsel:
Douglas Janese
Recording Secretary:
Michelle Shaughnessy

Important Information

NFURA Minutes Archive
General Municipal Law 593
Niagara Falls Urban Renewal Agency By-Laws
Niagara Falls Core City Urban Renewal Plan 2009
Niagara Falls Urban Renewal Agency Code of Ethics
Niagara Falls Urban Renewal Compensation Policy
Niagara Falls Urban Renewal Property Disposition Policy
Niagara Falls Urban Renewal Conflict of Interest Policy
Niagara Falls Urban Renewal Agency Investment Guidelines
 2017 NFURA Audit Information