N.F.C. Development Corporation

N.F.C. Development Corporation



The City of Niagara Falls can provide qualified businesses in the City of Niagara Falls a wide variety of loan programs, which can assist in opening a new business or an existing business in its plans to expand. The object of these programs is to stimulate growth in the business and local economy through job creation or retention, broaden the City’s tax base, and generate new business for years to come.

About: N.F.C. Development Corp. was established in 1980 by the City Council as a not-for-profit corporation under Section 402 of the New York State Not- For-Profit Corporation Law.  Its original and continued mission is to provide programs relieving and reducing unemployment, bettering and maintaining job opportunities, providing aid to attract new business or retain business and industry within the City of Niagara Falls, New York.  N.F.C. is governed by 19 Directors, which include the Mayor and City Council, the Niagara Falls Urban renewal Directors, and 9 private sector directors selected and approved by the N.F.C Members.


NFC Board of Directors:

Hon. Paul Dyster, Chairman
Mr. Michael Hooper

Hon. William Kennedy
Mr. Doug Mooradian

Hon.Ezra Scott
Ms. Lucy Muto

Hon. Kenny Tompkins
Mrs. Doreen O’Connor
Hon. Andrew Touma

Hon. Christopher Voccio
Mr. Chris Robins

Mr. Ralph Aversa
Mr. Joseph Casale
Mrs. Anne Sawicki

Mrs. Clara Dunn
Mrs. W. Lee Whitaker
Ms. Jacqueline Henwood