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From a large scale industrial project, to a tourist-based enterprise, to starting your first small business, Niagara Falls is the place for you!  Once known as the King of Power – Queen of Beauty, the Cataract City is making a come back in a big way.  In the last ten years over $800,000,000 in new development has been completed, under construction, or in planning.

A Natural Advantage


Niagara Pedicab on Old Falls Street


Tourism: Niagara Falls is a name recognized across the world.  The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation estimates 8,000,000 visitors a year come to the Niagara Reservation State Park located in the southwestern corner of the City of Niagara Falls.  The city and State of New York have made great investments in public infrastructure to facilitate this growing industry.  Additionally, the city or state may be able to provide incentives to a project.



: Niagara Falls is uniquely positioned as the geographic center of a Mega-Region extending from Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe through Western New York and the Finger Lakes encompassing a population of over 10,000,000 people.  The city is serviced by three international crossings, two international airports, rail (commercial & amtrak), and the Interstate Highway System.  Niagara Falls is within 500 mi of 40% of the North American population.



Industry: The city’s topography allows for the generation of hydro power at the Niagara Power Project, which in return sell large
amounts of electricity generated to local businesses in return for their creating jobs and undertaking significant capital investments. The hydropower, some of the lowest cost electricity in the country.  Select projects that support the growth of business in the State of New York and thereby lead to the creation or maintenance of jobs and tax revenues for the state and local governments may be eligible for funding through NYPA’s Power Proceeds program.



Small Business: The City of Niagara Falls through the N.F.C. Development Corporation is committed to supporting small and first time entrepreneurs through a number of economic development incentives including our Micro-Enterprise Program.

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