About Us



The Office of Economic Development will: 

  • Foster business and industrial development.
  • Provide technical support and assistance to firms seeking to start, expand or relocate to Niagara Falls, NY.
  • Provide economic information and technical assistance required by investors from the inquiry phase to the successful completion of a new project.
  • Market the City to targeted companies in the U.S. and abroad.
  • See to assist established companies to retain local jobs and encourage new job creation, investment and expansion.
  • Maintain an inventory of available buildings and sites.
  • Develop effcient funding sources for potential economic development projects.
  • Promote the growth of the Niagara Falls economy.


Contacts for the Office of Economic Development

The City of Niagara Falls, NY
Department of Economic Development
N.F.C. Development Corporation
City Hall – Room 300A
745 Main Street
Niagara Falls, NY 14302-0069
Fax: (716) 286-4484


Mr. Thomas J. DeSantis,  Acting Director of Planning & Development
Senior Planner
Phone: 716-286-4477
Email: thomas.desantis@niagarafallsny.gov


Anthony Vilardo

Mr. Anthony Vilardo, Director of Business Development
Executive Director N.F.C. Development Corp. ; Executive Director Urban Renewal Agency
Phone: (716) 286-4480
Email: anthony.vilardo@niagarafallsny.gov



Mr. Thomas Tedesco, Renewal Community Coordinator
Phone: 716-286-4482
Email: thomas.tedesco@niagarafallsny.gov

Mr. Allen P. Booker, Minority Enterprise & Business Development Coordinator (MWBE)
Phone: 716-286-4481
Email: allen.booker@niagarafallsny.gov 

Contacts for the Office of Planning and Environmental Services

City Hall – Room 347
745 Main Street – P.O. Box 69
Niagara Falls, NY 14302
Phone: 716-286-4470
Fax: 716-286-4485

Mr. Alan Nusbaum, Environmental Assistant
Phone: 716-286-4462
Email: alan.nusbaum@niagarafallsny.gov

Mr. James Bragg, Planner II/Historic Preservation Specialist
Phone: 716-286-4467
Email: james.bragg@niagarafallsny.gov